Canada here I come!

I arrived safely in Canada but also a little bit sick. Feeling a lot better right now though.

It has been a while since my last post but it's because I have been quite busy recently.

I am focused on my job searching, having a temporary part time job, and also being engaged in Fashion Calgary project, Portrait Campaign 2012 ( So very busy!!!

Despite all this work, I also had moments of pleasure. I went to Lake Louise, where I could see a stunning landscape of the National Park. I did a 6 km hike (I made it, barely but I did :D ), cannoed on the lake and had a wonderful tea break with a glass of ice wine, lots of different cookies and scones with amazing view of the lake.

September was really warm in Calgary. Fall revealed different kinds of beautiful colours and sun was giving lots of positive energy.

I celebrated my first Thanksgiving, with amazing turkey baked by a friend. And now waiting for Haloween. The event that we don’t really celebrate in Poland. But here it is a quite big thing. People dress up, carve pumpkins, decorate their houses.

And speaking about pumpkins...wherever you go, there are pumpkins everywhere. And because it became bit colder in Calgary I thought that delicious pumpkin soup with ginger and almond flakes would be a great idea. Recipe coming soon :) !!!

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